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“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around” – Steve Jobs

I can guarantee you now that if I asked each employee individually about the stages the client goes through when they first inquire, all the way through to purchase and then the account journey, I would get all different answers. This is so common in businesses, it’s frightening, they are so focused on sell sell sell, they forget that if the journey is mapped out the correct way and everyone knows their role, the task becomes that much easier.

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Customers have more options of what to buy, where to buy, and whom to buy from. Different businesses have a pressing need to stay ahead in their business and hold on to customers. Take note of developments from well-established companies in the industry to keep your business on the right path.

The customer journey is said to be when a customer has a particular experience with an organization. It is about what they think of your business after making transactions with you. The customer journey includes all interactions with customers across all stages of the customer’s life cycle, including awareness and loyalty. Instead of focusing on just a part of the customers’ experience, the customer journey consists of the full experience of being a customer.

In the world of business today, most customers do not make transactions or businesses for doing’ sake. More often than not, when they purchase a product, they expect to derive satisfaction from the product or service. Therefore, they will always assume that they must get a pleasant feeling after purchasing your product. Customers are very fast in noticing this experience, which makes them know whether they are satisfied.

Importance of customer journey

Have you been neglecting your customer experience, not knowing how important they are? You have to know that in this age of fast-rising technology, you need to have a customer journey to be able to continue to be in business. If not, you might lag and lose a lot drastically. I’m sure that you will agree that there is something special that other companies are doing that keeps them on the top list of most patronized firms. The answer to this is that most of these top businesses have a perfect customer journey, which is why it is essential because;

  1. It helps to understand customer’s sentiments and creating systems to leverage customers’ feedback to improve their experience.
  2. It will also make you have a laydown of every interaction the customers have with your product.
  3. It will help you create and understand the perfect process customers can go through to have a pleasant satisfaction with buying your product.
  4. It can help you enhance and improve the customer’s experience during the stages of purchasing a product.
  5. It will help to remove transaction obstacles and make it useful and intuitive.

Benefits of customer journey mapping

When you figure out your customer’s attitude towards your brand, there is a wide range of benefits that your business can derive from customer journey mapping. Some benefits include:

  1. Customer journey mapping helps to improve your customer’s experience. When you have a good and well-planned customer journey map, your customers will stick to patronizing you, and you will also gain new customers.
  2. Your customer’s experience with you will become better if you have a more seamless customer journey.
  3. It makes you have a holistic view of your customer’s experience by studying them to improve the aspects that you are lacking.
  4. Creating better products and setting more competitive prices alone are not enough to help a business grow. That is why it is crucial to have proper customer journey mapping.
  5.  As the world is rising in high technology, it will help your business to improve the services you deliver and give you a competitive advantage.
  6.  Better increase in patronage. If you have a pleasant customer journey, more customers will like to purchase your brand. Even if there are other substitutes, you will still be the highest-grossing seller in the market
  7.  There will be an increase in the number of products your customers will buy from you because they feel that you understand them and can satisfy their needs to the maximum with little or no complaints.
  8. More profits. A well-organized business that has an enjoyable customer journey will experience an increase in their earnings. Research has shown that customers will not care much about the price compared to their experience with a brand when you have a unique customer journey.
  9.  If customers have a pleasant experience with you, they will care less about the price if as long they derive satisfaction from buying from you.

How to create a customer journey map

Customer journey mapping can be achieved by trying to understand your customers by thinking similarly to know how they can feel towards buying a product from a particular seller.

There are different stages to create a customer journey map that will make your customers have a better experience. There are stages of customer experience, which include sketching out a plan that involves those stages.

  1. You can make your customer journey map by making a diagram or list of scenarios that customers may encounter at every stage of customer experience.
  2. When customers purchase your brand, there are touchpoints that you must take note of because these touchpoints are where customers will interact with you. You can make your customer journey map by making a diagram or list of scenarios that customers may encounter at every stage of customer experience.
  3. When customers purchase your brand, there are touchpoints that you must take note of because these touchpoints are where customers will interact with you. You can map out the touchpoint which includes a. Social media reviews b. Your website c. Your customer service team d. Customer feedback
  4. You need to take note of some things when analyzing the stages your customers go through along a customer journey map.
  5. Customer actions: Try to know and understand what your customers do at each one of the steps. To have better sales from promotions and customer journey maps, you need to understand what customers do when they visit your stores. If new and potential customers check your store, the reviews made by other customers, which makes them decide whether to patronize you.
  6. Motivations: Many buyers rely on other buyers’ motivations before they can also attempt to buy. You need to know those things that encourage your customers to move to the point of buying your product.
  7. After a customer has tried one of the stages, you also need to know their emotions, what they feel, and wherever they would like to progress to other scenes.
  8. Inquiries: When you are studying your customer’s journey, you need to note their questions and what inquiries they make. Some customers usually have questions but have a hard time finding the right answers to them, and that can make them give up easily on patronizing you. So you need to know the stage where they make inquiries and try to provide answers to their question and other questions that they may ask. When you take note of this, your business is going to see high development.
  9. Review or comments: You need to note anything that can cause customers to stop patronizing you at any stage of the customer journey. You also need to know the explanations they give either on the difficulty they experience in purchasing your product or other challenges. Take note of their negative comments to make improvements. Also, understand the kind of restrictions or problem customers experience in each of the stages.

Customer journey sample

Have you thought of how a customer can feel after purchasing a product? You will see how a customer’s level of satisfaction can be after buying a product. Let’s assume that you have a business organization that sells Men’s casual wear, and your business has competitors. If your business is located in an easily accessible area and a potential customer passing by sights your store. The first thing that will come to the customer’s mind afterward is to give a trial and patronize you. Therefore, because it is the first time of purchase and the customer comes to you willingly, he will pay attention to how he is treated. If he walks in and sees the setting out of your store, you give him a welcome greeting while putting on a smile, he responds, and you offer him your help by showing him your goods professionally. He eventually gets a suit at a negotiated price, and while leaving, you thank him for his patronage. He gets home and puts it on. If he finds value in it, he won’t hesitate to recommend you to some other friends. If, after some weeks, he gets a message or calls that different designs he previously asked for or has shown interest in are now available at discount prices, he will be happy and more interested to purchase from you. If you eventually continue, with your promotional offers, in no time, he will be your lifetime customer.

However, if things turn out the other way round probably because you did not pay attention to his details or understand him, you may be selling your brand short. If you are rude to customers and do not have the product they request or possess low marketing skills, they may stop buying from you. Furthermore, they will patronize your competitors to meet their desired needs, and this may cause you to lose customers that could have been yours instead.

ROI of Customer Experience.

Excellent customer service will lead to an increase in return. There is a significant return on investment in providing excellent customer service.

  1. Customer journey service can lead to a significant increase in return when you provide excellent customer service. The improvement in customer experience can increase earnings made by your business.
  2. Good customer experience will have an impact on your business by increasing revenue because happy customers are less price-sensitive, so they are more willing to make offers for other products of services.
  3. Existing customers will keep patronizing you. It is more profitable to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. If customers have an outstanding experience with you, it will be difficult for them to switch to your competitors.
  4. Existing customers returning to a company is a good sign of an increase in revenue. Their positive words of mouth-advertisement can also be an added advantage.
  5. Happy customers help to keep expenses in control. If you are new in your business, practicing excellent customer service will help you have fewer issues and require less support.
  6. You will have no input cost on advertisements and referrals made by your existing customers.

How to measure customer experience

If more people recommend you than not, your score is positive and generally doing well. If your existing customers don’t tell other people about your business, you need to the reason behind the action. Referring to new customers is the best and cheapest form of advertising your business can have. You can make a net promoter score(NPS) survey to see where you rank.

  1. You should have a customer effort score. The score will help you to determine whether it is easy or difficult for your customers to get their complaints to resolve. If you are to assess your customer effort score, you can use the multiple-choice question to know how easy or difficult it was to solve their problem with your business.
  2. Make sure that your customers are extremely satisfied or delighted. If you can determine why your customers are so happy, you can apply those lessons to more of your customer base.
  3. Send your customers a brand check to understand how what they think of your business. This can help you continue working hard to exceed their expectations or change their perspective towards your brand.

A good business strategy is by making your customers happy and satisfied every time.

  1. If your overall satisfaction number is going up, you’re headed in the right direction. You can track whether your rating is going up by setting internal benchmarks. Make sure that you are using the customer satisfaction plan from time to time so you can measure each set of new results compared to the previous results.
  2. You can improve your brand through customer service by brilliantly making target goals. Don’t forget to look at specific touchpoints to figure out what’s working and what’s not.
  3. Get an external benchmarking data plan to compare your brand to other brands that are close substitutes. When discussing benchmarking, it’s also essential to understand how well your brand stands out so that you can be ahead of your competitors.
  4. Make sure you and your customers are on the same page when it comes to what they expect from your business. When your company’s and your customers’ perceptions of your attributes align, you’re much more likely to keep customers happy and return for more.



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